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Welcome to The Wine Society 

Do you want to explore Greek wines on a whole new level?

Our wine tastings will definitely help you to create memories that will last a lifetime.​

Our company creates experiences with wine in Mykonos, Greece and abroad.

We are more than happy to create an unforgettable wine tasting just for you and your friends,

with not only our Greek Premium wines but also with every background stories of them.​

Our wine choices are a part of us, our trips, our Greek mentality and our souls.​


among with great people in a magic scenery of Cycladic island of Mykonos.


We Are Excited to See You This Summer

Picture yourself under the Myconian sky, relaxed and caressed by the fresh breeze.

Today all you need to do is enjoy the sunset and our wines!

You hold a wine glass in your hands, feeling that you are only moments away from tasting the “nectar” which ancient Greeks considered the beverage of Gods.

You observe the colour, swirl the wine, close your eyes and smell it…And suddenly you taste the melon, reminding you of the fruits you shared with your friends on a hot summer day.

The honey and the memory of your grandparents bringing it gold and rich from the countryside after their summer holidays. You wonder how this is even possible… It is just a wine… And at that point, you realise the ancient wisdom and you understand why this is a godly drink…

Enjoy an amazing wine tasting with Greek ancient varieties in Mykonos!


Wine Tasting On

a Secret Location

Feel the energy of Mykonos island in a Bohemian Chic environment at our secret location by the beach.

You are invited to explore the wines of the Gods.

Can’t wait to meet you!


Wine Tasting

The Wine Society created a unique experience for you,

your friends or your family.

This is a user-friendly experience perfect for in-home entertaining using just your internet connection and our wines of course!


Your Day

We can always design

a tailor-made wine experience for your special occasion.

We offer services for birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, wedding proposals, pre or after wedding parties and more.

Send us your request below.

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