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1. What’s the difference between a villa or yacht and an on the beach wine tasting?


The main difference between a private villa or yacht and an on the beach wine tasting is that on a private villa or yacht you get a Premium Wine tasting for your own party location. The experience is more intense like a private event of some kind. We recommend choosing private tasting if you are a great wine aficionado, who wants a one-on-one wine tasting experience.

If you are a social person, tasting wine on the beach with a small group of people would be a great experience. Other than the gorgeous scenery, your guide will also provide you with information about each wine, which makes the experience even more fun. 



2. Can you cater to celiacs and other intolerances?

We can definitely deal with celiacs or gluten intolerance. Other than those, nut and most other food allergies are not a problem as well. When you book with us, please note your allergies on the form so that your guide can take the necessary precautions prior.

3. What age-group goes on the tours?


We recommend the participant to have a minimum age of 18 (official drinking age in Greece) but there is really no limit because it is lovely to see that wine fascinates the young as much as the elder. We welcome people of all generations to join us, as long as you are like us, enjoy meeting other people and enjoy good wine.


4. What about the Dress Code?

It would be nice to pack something classy to wear. But as wine tasting itself is a daytime activity and the Cycladic climate tends to be hot, sunny, and windy sometimes, you might want to wear something light, loose, and with breathable fabrics. Go with something comfortable and summery. Bring a light jacket or sweater if you are concerned about being chilly when the sun goes down since you will be dressing light for the great weather. Make sure to apply sunscreen to exposed skin so you will not get sunburned and do not forget your sunglasses and a summer hat.

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